MOL stands for 'MY OWN LIFE' and taking control of your own life is what this is all about.

a pathway from thought to happiness

This website is based on my own experiences and opinions with input from many sources close to my heart.

This is just the beginning!

  • You are the pebble
  • The water is your world
  • The ripples are the vibrations of your life
  • Everything you do and think influences those ripples and things around you
Lifes ripples
  • Taking control of your life is easy
  • You have choices
  • There are no limits to your choices
  • Everything you do and think creates your world, the world around you.

This web site will give you choices and links to help you on a path that will make your life happier and more fulfilled.

Let us look at taking care of you and working on self love.


To be whole, happy and healthy we need to take care of;

Body . . .Physical
Mind . . .Mental
Spirit . . .Spiritual

Lets look at these in greater depth.

Affirmations to light your way

Inspirations . . .Friendly connections.

Products . . .My Own Label
KidsLink . . .Young ones page.

TeenLink. . .Young adults page
Links . . .to the things that can give you choices to help change your life.

In My Kitchen. . .Happy Cooking . . .please click here for "my journey".

In My Garden . . .Inspiration in your garden.
More to come! Under Construction